Monday, October 4, 2010

Spooky Month

I've been MIA for a few days.  My daughter Rhianna was in town and I haven't seen her for over a year.  It was marvelous.  We watched anime, a zillion movies, and just talked about what we've been doing for the past fourteen months.  She's flourishing in Wisconsin, nature girl that she is, and I've been flourishing here in New York.  She went back two days ago and I've been mopey but bittersweetly happy at the same time.

It's October.  The spooky month.  I adore Halloween and am really rather absurd about it.  I have my screaming skulls, my Mister Misty skull, my drippy blood fountain; the works.  I even made my Mr. Misty skull a Christmas decoration one year by putting a Santa hat on it and setting it in a ring of holly.  Glorious.  My own ghost of Christmas past.  I've pulled all my scary movies out of my collection and put them on a shelf by themselves so my DVD grazing is easier when I want eerie viewing, which will be every day until November, and I'm seriously contemplating ghoul cookies.  I am going to a Halloween party where I need a vast amount of fake snakes for my costume (Medusa), so am scouring toy stores and party outlets for some sort of "bag o' snakes."  Hopefully all that hissing weight won't give me a headache. 

So many people despise holidays; makes them think about how alone they are.  I'm exactly the opposite.  I adore holidays and don't really care that I'm alone as long as I have scary movies and mini candy bars to celebrate.  That's the great thing about us freaks; we are, by definition, different and therefore usually outcast, sure, but the word different shouldn't denote anything bad.  Different is simply another word for unique.  Like Superman.  He's completely alone but he still saves the world in every movie, comic book and cartoon he's flying around in.  That's us.  We're Superman.  We just usually look a bit more goth.

Happy October, Everyone!  Be ghoulish and shivery and get really spooked at least once this month.  I always end the fourth week the same way, with the same scary movies: The Changeling with George C. Scott, The Haunting (original), The Woman in Black, The Legend of Hell House (Roddy McDowell), the Night Gallery episode with Portefoy,  Masque of the Red Death with Vincent Price, The Lady in White with Lucas Haas, and now, Paranormal Activity.  Oh, and of course the weirder than weird Walt Disney dancing skeletons cartoon.  Now THAT'S scary.

Love, R


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