Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Fun II

Here's the second installment of cutting room floor fun.

There were mutilated baby dolls everywhere.  Eyes gouged out, then sewn into their bellies, arms ripped off, legs burnt, fingers melted, headed pierced with nails, a dead bird inside the abdomen of one; there were beheaded and mangled little Patty Playfuls all over the place.

A door in the kitchen led to a black hole of a cellar, but we didnt' go down there.
"Hey, Carol," I said. "Let's come back here for Halloween.  We'll go into the cellar then."
"You're nuts."
"Ain't going to find anything scarier than this place.  No way."
Carol grinned. "We can get a group together.  I'd be fine in a group."
"Yeah.  Like a Halloween party."

We found the door to the upstairs and had to climb over a soggy couch wedged in the stairwell.  Why it was so wet, I didn't want to know.  Somebody had rammed it down or up and gotten it stuck.

Thinking uncomfortably of my brother Frank as I clambered over the mess, I finally stood on the second floor and looked around.  There was nothing up there: no furniture, no devil stuff, nothing.

Carol and I went into one of the bedrooms and found the squares cut for the smoke holes.  We laid down on the floor and peered into the living room under us.

A sudden noise made us both jump out of our skin.  This was a scary and obviously dangerous place.  The last thing either of us wanted was some black magic cocksucker with a pet demon to appear.

We investigated the noise and found a terrified little starling flapping about the ceiling.  The bird was trapped in the back bedroom, crashing itself against the window.
"I'd be frantic too, little bird," I said as it circled the room. "Let's get you out of here."

We chased the bird for half an hour, hopping over the death holes in the floor, waving our blouses (which we'd removed) as nets.  Finally, we caught the exhausted starling and carefully stuffed it through a hole in the window.  It flew off like the hounds of hell were after it.
"No kidding," Carol said. She cupped her hands around her mouth and yelled, "Make sure you never come near this fucking place again!"

Creeped out enough for one day, we made our way back downstairs, climbed out the side window, and drove home.

That's all for today.  Will write the next installment tomorrow.  We went back on Halloween night and it was...very memorable.

Love, R

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