Sunday, October 10, 2010

Edit Eyeballs

I have been reading and shuffling the edited version of my manuscript since last Tuesday and you know what?  I have edit eyeballs.  My eyeballs have simply rebelled and gone haywire.  They refuse to read anything in a line, they're swollen from the weepies over sad parts in the text and they're not bloodshot...they're pink.  The whole white of the eye is simply pink.  Bloodshot was two days ago.  My kindred spirit buddy looked at me and said, "'re in a tornado of emotion right now!"  I've also typed this blog at least twice.  Thank heaven I took typing classes in high school so my fingers know what I'm hitting even though my eyeballs can't see it.  At work the other night, instead of writing my name on the sidework sheet, I wrote the word, "Coffee."  Don't ask me why because I don't know.  Co-workers pointed this out to me with glee or I'd still be unaware that I even did it. 

So tonight, I'm taking a break.  I'm going to eat Halloween candy out of a pumpkin head, drink tea and watch "Lost in Austen," my new favorite obsession movie.  I have showered and put on my Scottish Terrier flannel pj's, eaten a Caesar salad for luck and am, at this very moment, fantasizing about comfy covers and cracked windows with crisp October air flowing in.  So good night, my friends.  I am going to sleep my edit eyeballs away and refresh my wiped-out brain, hopefully with sugar plum dreams and snuggly comfort under well-worn blankets.  That's one of the best cure-alls I know.  Take care and wish me luck!  This is the last stage of the book before print.  No eyeball fracas will ever stop me!

Love, R


  1. It sounds like you need the AutoCrit Editing Wizard! It can find things when your eyes are too tired :-)

  2. Whossit? You're communicating with someone who's absurdly proud they can turn their computer ON. It is a monumental achievement for someone as technically challenged as myself.