Thursday, February 3, 2011


Hello, my dear pals out in cyber land.  I got some amazing news today.  My book has now officially gone "LIVE," which means it's available for sale.  Right now it's only semi-vigorous since it's only available at the publishing house but will be available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble websites soon.  Very thrilled about it all.  They've shipped out my copies today and I will be holding my own memoir in a few days.  Very surreal and wonderful.  Wish me luck in all this and let's hope the book can help as many people as possible.  That's its purpose, to help nutball cases like me.  Thanks for reading my blog and all your enthusiasm throughout this long, long haul.  Now the new stage begins.  Keep your fingers crossed that I do a good job out there.  I truly believe the book is important.  Let's hope and pray it does great good for the shattered and miserable out there and enlightens everybody else.  As Marie Curie said, every bit of knowledge is a tiny candle illuminating the future.  Make enough light and people are bound to see.  What would a  night sky be without stars?  A big black nothing.  But with all those tiny twinkles, it's magic and just think; those tiny twinkles are hot ass balls of fiery gas.  That's as good a description as any of a broken soul, ha ha!  We're hot ass balls of fiery gas but we're really really beautiful and life-giving.  Take care to recognize that in yourselves and have a good laugh at everything that went into making us that way.

Love, R

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