Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ramblin' Rose

Hello, All.  I have no idea what to blog about so I'm just going to ramble.  Woke up this morning feeling good, which is marvelous considering how lousy I've felt for months.  Very glad about all that.  I have some crystals hanging in my window, and the ceiling was dancing with little rainbow cotton balls of light, drifting and fading as the sun played peek-a-boo with the clouds.  What a lovely thing to wake up to.  The sun was shining on my miniature rose bush, looking a big scraggly since I first spotted a bit of fungus and started picking off the damaged leaves.  It's rallying now.  My mom's Christmas cactus is covered with blooms yet again.  When I had the car wreck on the way to New York, that thing went flying from the back of the van and smashed against the front windshield, so it's a tribute to the thing's toughness that it's alive at all, let alone blooming for the third time in as many months.  Last June, on Charles the Man's birthday (my sort of step dad, who's deceased), a strange woman standing in front of her house gave me a rather woeful looking orchid with some beautiful blooms on it.  I commented on its beauty and she asked if I wanted it; said she didn't because it wasn't very healthy.  Delighted, I took it home, researched how to care for it, meticulously followed the instructions and it still looked like hell.  Finally, I just stuck it in the window next to the cactus and splashed it with water and food every day.  It's gone crazy and doubled in size, and I first spotted a snakey-looking thing growing from the center a few days ago.  I'm breathless in anticipation that it might produce some flowers.  As you can tell, I love plants. 

Worked a long night shift at the restaurant this evening.  It was very busy with people desperate to escape shovelling and house arrest from the snowstorm, wanting to get out and have a bit of fun before the next monster blizzard hits in a few days.  I love to watch happy people talking and laughing and tonight was all about that.  Nobody bitched about their food or the service; they were all just a joy to wait on.  God, I love people.  I love to see them happy, I love to see them enjoying their children and the kids giggling and wiggling in their seats, thrilled to be able to order their own pink lemonade and chicken fingers.  Three little kids in particular were a delight.  I drew a picture of a fairy for the little girl and when the two boys looked a bit forlorn, I asked what they wanted.  Shelton said he wanted a transformer and Erik a Super Mario.  I grinned and said okay, I'd try, inwardly sweating bullets because I didn't remember much about how either looked.  I knew transformers were big mechanical robot dudes who could turn into cars and planes and such so I just ran with it and made one as best I could, then went to the young bartender and asked him for details of Super Mario, which he provided.  Both boys were very happy with their drawings but I had to fix the placement of the big "M" on Mario.  Other than that, they were happy.  Isn't it great, how a little thing can make so many people joyous?  The kids were thrilled, the parents grateful to be able to finish their own meals in peace as their children watched me sketch, and the father shyly related the fact that he was a vet.  I shook his hand and thanked him for everything I have, everything my children have, and the very existence of my country, all owed to him and the millions like him.  So the circle was complete and we were all thrilled with each other.  All in all, a wonderful day.  Now I'm pleasantly sleepy without being exhausted.  Going to embroider a bit before I sleep.  May you all have gentle pleasant days here and there, little smile-a-lot 24 hour segments that have no angst, attitude or envy.  Take care.

Love, R

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