Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Good news about the kitty cat.  He is very happy with his new family, running and actually jumping now.  He's not strong enough to jump on the bed but he can manage to scale the couch.  Since he's super mischievious now, they've named him "Loki," the Norse god of mischief.  Being a long follower of the Marvel Comics Thor, I can't help but envision green and gold costumes and gigantic horned headgear.  I love the name; a clever title from a clever couple.  There isn't a better home I could think of for that poor little waif.

Last night was my last evening of moon dancing for the month.  It's been an especially glorious moon, ringed by a thin nimbus of blue, bright enough to see the markings on my own palm.  A magical experience, watching the moon bathe everything in cool shadow.  Lovely!

My website designer, a dear and beloved friend, sent me rough drafts of the site for FREAK, my memoir, and my eyes teared up with what he'd come up with.  So far, it's beautiful.  My daughter Rhianna is hilariously telling me that there can never be just one memoir, that the weird shit never ends with me and the only answer is volumes.  I guess she has a point but I don't see myself churning out annual nut races so we'll have to hold that least until another bird lands on my head and won't fly off.  So far, that's happened twice: once when my kids were little and once a few weeks ago.  Usually it's just butterflies that like to land on me.  Just so long as it's not bats, which I DON'T like divebombing and grabbing my hair, I don't mind.  I finished the comic musical for the synopsis and it's black humor funny.  A normal synopsis just didn't seem right; had to do something artsy.  In junior high school, when we had to write a long essay on the American Revolution, I illustrated the whole thing as a comic, complete with every key historical fact required for the assignment.  Haven't stopped drawing funnies ever since.  All of this will be on the website too so it's very exciting.  My editor, who knows me inside and out, is working on the final draft and the covers are complete.  Everything is coming along splendidly and FREAK: The True Story of an Insecurity Addict will hopefully be out in time for the holidays this year.  Amazing!  I can hardly believe it.  Anyway, it's late and I'm weary and rambling so I'll say good night and all the best to all of you.  Take care.

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