Monday, December 20, 2010


I was serenaded today by the greatest group of friends a person can ask for.  It's so fantastic when the past yips and snaps and wants to drag you back down into the familiar comforts of bubbling lava hell, but the noise is drowned out by a sweet serenade.  Nothing like friends to spackle all the cracks from a damaged past.  Nothing like having the courage to allow myself to have friends.  Insecurity used to keep me away from them; I was anti-social, lonely, miserable and bitter.  Now I'm being sung to.  It was a surprising little gesture from my co-workers; I'd gone in to eat lunch and walk across the street to the movie theater and see Harry Potter.  Just glowed all day thinking about it.  This is going to be a short blog because I'm going to run outside with my hot water bottle and my earmuffs and watch the total lunar eclipse.  The last one was in the 1600's and the next one isn't until 2094.  God knows what I'll be doing then.  Wearing a diaper, probably!  Take care of yourselves, my dear friends, and know that having friends is something very, very brave for us insecurity addicts.  But, oh, so worth it.  Love 'em all, my friends.  Would be lost again without them.

Love, R

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