Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day

Hello, all my friends.  May you have a wonderful Labor Day.  Eat hot dogs and undercooked potato salad, roast marshmallows over flaky, almost spent coals and lie in the sun.  Take a break from angst, sadness, depression, work.  Suspend your disbelief in anything good for this one day and be young again, childlike with wonder as you look around.  Take note of all the beauty there is in the world.  I, myself, have no plans to barbeque or be with friends or family, but in my head, I'm a big fat, sated porkpie, full of nitratey yumminess and cherry pie.  I'm happy and grinning and walking in the sun, even as I head off to my job of slinging hash.  It's the mindset that makes things wonderful or terrible.  So suspend your sorrow for today and try to hang onto that feeling, even as tomorrow's sun rises.  It's hard work being happy but well worth it.  Always try.  Take care of yourselves and enjoy the holiday.  Rest, relax, and recuperate.

Love, R

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